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  • R.Epoxy is a High Performance Water-Based Epoxy Coating Top Coat
  • Protection of Internal Masonry Surfaces Such as Cement or Concrete Walls and Flooring. 
  • Anti-Bacterial properties towards E-coli, MRSA and Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Suitable For Coating Onto Glaze Tiles With Appropriate Primer.
  • Good Abrasion Resistant Coating With Tough Finishing.
  •  Environmental Friendly and Low Odour During Application and Curing. Ideal for Factories, Canteen, Clean Rooms, Electronic Industries, Pharmaceutical and Hospitals.
  • Apply 1 coat of R.Epoxy Primer for optimal performance
  • 45 Minutes Pot Life.
  • R.Epoxy Technical Data Sheet
  • R.Epoxy Primer Technical Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Nurul Azizah Binte Abdullah
Elevate Your Environment: Raffles Paint R.epoxy's Unrivaled Performance, Minimal Odor

Raffles Paint R.epoxy exceeded my expectations. Its performance on my basement floor is outstanding, and the ultra-low odor made the experience enjoyable.

Siew Chin Lim
Maximize Your Impact: Raffles Paint R.epoxy's Performance, Minimal Odor Powerhouse

Raffles Paint R.epoxy is the best choice for homeowners. Its performance and minimal odor make it perfect for our urban environment. Confirm shiok!

Jasmine Tan
Raffles Paint R.epoxy: Where Performance Meets Ultra-Low Odor Innovation

Raffles Paint R.epoxy is a game-changer for anyone looking to upgrade their surfaces. Its performance is exceptional, and the ultra-low odor formula is a game-changer.

Rajesh Kumar
Transform Your Surfaces with Raffles Paint R.epoxy: Performance at Its Purest

Raffles Paint R.epoxy is a must-have for anyone renovating their space. Its performance and ultra-low odor make it stand out from the competition.

Samantha Wong
Unleash the Power of Raffles Paint R.epoxy: Superior Performance, Ultra-Low Odor

Raffles Paint R.epoxy is the best choice for anyone looking for top-notch performance and minimal odor. It transformed my space without any discomfort.