How much Paint do you need for your home?

Unsure of how much paint each room need? Follow our instruction, and make your DIY room painting easy! Check out our range of interior paints here.

How many litres of paint you need for HDB painting?

 3 Room HDB 4 Room HDB 5 Room HDB Maisonette/Executive
Living/Dining 5L - 7L  7L - 10L 7L - 10L 12L - 15L
Master Room 5L - 7L 5L - 7L 5L - 7L 5L - 7L
Common Room 5L 5L 5L 5L - 7L
Whole House Ceiling 15L 20L 20L 20 - 30L


Paint Sizes Available: 1L, 5L or 20L