R.SEALER (Interior Sealant)


R.SEALER is a high performance water based sealer for interior wall application. 

R.SEALER is used to prepare the walls surface for strong adhesion with the top coats , protection against water moisture , efflorescence resistance , changing of existing wall colour to a new colour and to extend the durability of interior premium paint systems.

It has good penetration & performance on porous surface. It helps tackle common wall issues sure as peeling, flaking & discolouration and also provides a strong water resistant. 

Applying 1 coat of R.SEALER also enhances colour vibrance of the painted walls ,durability and lifespan of the topcoats. Raffles Paint R.SEALER is an Environmental Friendly product with almost no odour, near Zero VOC.

Does not contain Formaldehyde & Phenol Ethoxylate, lead, mercury, ammonia and heavy metals. Safer option for all your painting applications. 

Another Premium Eco-friendly product by Raffles Paint


  • Eco-Friendly / Non-Toxic (Setsco Tested)
  • Superb Adhesion For Top Coats
  • High Performance Wall Primer + Water Resistant
  • Extend Durability of Interior Premium Paint Systems
  • Good Penertration & Performance on Porous Surface
  • Suitable For Interior Plastered Walls
  • Tackles Wall Peeling, Flaking & Discolouration
  • Strong Water Resistant (Breathable)
  • Anti-Smell + Ultra Low VOCs
  • Fungus/Mould Resistant
  • Covers Pores & Hairline Crack
  • Alkaline & Efflorescence Crack
  • Fast Drying Time
  • No Lead, Mercury, Ammonia & Heavy Metals
  • No Formaldehye, Alkyl Phenol Ethoxlate (APEO)
  • Suitable For Interior Usage Only
  • Technical Data Sheet