Disposal and Storage of Paint.

Unsure of how to dispose or store balance paint? Follow our instruction to ensure responsible disposal and storage of  waterbased, latex, acrylic paints.

Disposal of Water-based Emulsion Paints:

To do our part for our planet earth and our future generation,

1) Do not dispose of any waterbased , latex, acrylic paint in liquid form, instead DRY IT UP. All residual/balance paint must be dried up or hardened. If the balance amount of paint in the tin is 1/4 and below, simply remove the lid and place in a well ventilated area. The paint will dry up in a few days.

2) If the balance amount of paint in the tin is more than 1/4 full, Use it up by taking a roller and rolling it onto old cardboards or newspapers. Alternatively you can add shredded paper or use commercial paint hardening agents to hasten the solidification process. 

Once the paint has harden or dried, simply dispose into the trash bin.

Storage of balance paint:

Seal it up - Simply use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess paint in the grooves of the paint lid. Use a rubber mallet to tap the lid down secuely. Do not use a hammer as it may distort the shape of the lid making it difficult to close the lids. If you do not have a rubber , use a piece of wood and gently tap the lid with a hammer.

Storage - Store paint tins in cool, dark places like storeroom or basement. If stored in the basement, place on the shelfs as moisture on basement floor can rust the paint tins.